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The mongorestore command is a command-line tool included in the MongoDB server package. It is used to restore data from a MongoDB backup, typically created using the mongodump command. The restored data can be written to a new or existing MongoDB deployment. The mongorestore command reads the data from a backup file and loads it into a MongoDB instance.

mongorestore command not found Amazon linux 2

The error message “mongorestore command not found” indicates that the mongodb-tools package, which includes the mongorestore command, is not installed on your Amazon Linux 2 system.

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To install it, you can use the package manager for your system, such as yum or dnf.

sudo yum install mongodb-tools

Once installed, you should be able to use the mongorestore command.

If you need more information on how to use the mongorestore command, you can refer to the MongoDB documentation. The basic syntax for mongorestore is:

mongorestore [options] <directory or archive>


  • options: various options for the command, such as specifying a host, a port, or authentication credentials
  • directory or archive: the location of the backup files, which can be a directory or an archive file (e.g. .tar, .gz)


mongorestore --host myhost --port 27017 --username myuser --password mypassword /path/to/backup
mongorestore --db mydb --collection mycollection /path/to/backup/mydb/mycollection.bson

You can check the mongorestore documentation for more options and examples.

It’s important to note that when using mongorestore, you should use a version of mongorestore that is compatible with the version of MongoDB that you’re restoring to.

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