How to download ITProTV courses | vetechno

How to download ITProTV course | vetechno
How to download ITProTV course | vetechno
Everyone wants to download ITProTV premium paid or free courses on their computer and laptop to watch the courses offline. And here I have tested and downloaded many paid and free courses on our system.

Today, I’ll show you how to download the entire videos at full HD quality only with one click.

In this blog post, you will get step by step process to download the whole ITProTV course on your windows and mac operating systems.

Officially, the Only download feature option is available for Annual members. If you’d like to subscribe to an annual membership and download the video, follow the URL :

This tick will only work when you have paid subscription and free courses that are available in the free course section.

Before we continue, note that all websites have some policies, make sure you read all the policies before continuing with this tutorial. Distributing copyrighted material without permission from the owner is illegal.

How to download ITProTV course for free on Windows 10

I have given three different methods for downloading itprotv video course.

Prerequisites :- Active subscription on (paid or free).

1. Google Right click extension

2. Mobile Application :- Video Downloader.

3. From Python script :- Download all videos in single click

Method 1. Download Right Click Extension for Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step1. Download right click extension for Google Chrome browser.

Click here to download

Step2. Now go to course that you want to download (Note:-   it should be paid or free course).

Step3. Play the video

Now pause the video and do right click on the video.

You can see there is save as option, click on save and it will save the video.

How do I download a course from Itprotv using Mobile?

Method 2. Mobile Application :- Video Downloader.

Step1. Go to play store and Download :- video Downloader

Step2. Open the app and login with ITProtv credentials.

Step3. Play the video that you want to download.

Step4. Next you will see Download button, just click on that.

Step5. Check below youtube video .

Method 3. Download ITProTV videos from ITPROTV-DL

I personally thanks to Rahul Shaw , all credit goes to him as he has created a simple python script for downloading itptotv course on windows mac and linux operating system. So first we have to download all dependencies and requirements for PC/Laptop.

Step1. Download all requirements.

a. Python 3.6 and above

b. BeautifulSoup –

c. Requests –

d. tqdm –

e. html5lib –

f. Selenium –

In windows:- put chromedriver in C drive
For example:- C:/ChromeDriver/chromedriver.exe

In Linux/Ubuntu:- put chromedrive in /usr/bin/
For example:- /usr/bin/chromedriver

h. Get cookies.txt –

i. Active subscription on (paid or free).

Step2. Download the itprotv-dl repo file

Step3. Now  go to download folder  and extract or unzip the ITPROTV-DL-master file, then open command prompt [cmd]

How to download ITProTV course | vetechno

Step4. Run the below command on command prompt [cmd]. It will check all the dependencies and requirements.

        pip install -r requirements.txt

How to download ITProTV course | vetechno

Step5. Login to ITProTV and visit the course that you want to download.
Step6. Now enable the cookies on google chrome and click on export.

Step7. Rename the downloaded itpro.tv_cookies.txt file to cookies.txt and copy it to main of the cloned repo (ITPROTV-DL-master).

Note:- Make sure that the name of the file should be cookies.txt.

Step8. At last run the below command in cmd

>>>     python paste_course_link_here

Error :- After running the above command you will get an error                         InvalidCookieDomainException: Message: invalid

InvalidCookieDomainException: Message: invalid

How to fix ?

Fix it by removing or commenting out all lines in cookies.txt that do not start with or
Then save and exit

Retry Step 8 .

Check below video if you are facing any issue:-


Congratulation, I know now you are all able to download the paid and free course from ITProTV . Please let us know if you are facing any kind of issue while downloading in the comment box. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Happy downloading…!!!!!


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